Recent Work

  1. Furniture's

    The products manufactured for kian furniture.
  2. ATM Machine

    Prototype made by sheet metal, The product developed for SBI and ICICI banks for rural areas.
  3. Components

    Trucks fender for 2 and 4 wheels.
  4. Dash Board

    The product developed for defense vehicle trucks.
  5. Ergo Bucks

    Ergo bucks Wide and Narrow developments for new generation vehicles. The project involved sheet metal, fiber components and ergo checks.
  6. Hour Glass

    Fiber component developments various stages with final finishing.
  7. Diesel Engine

    The Engine displayed in Auto Expo 2008 - New Delhi.
  8. Thin Client Computer

    For Novatium we have developed the first version of thin client computer, which were developed for Defense applications. We had packaged the product around the internal PCB and finger print authenticator.
  9. Telemedicine Medical Kit

    Our Processes in the design was from the concept inception stage itself, we were involved in configuration study, components finalization and at Centroid we did the complete styling and RPT for visualization and functional checks. For testing 25 nos. soft tooling components were made.
  10. Tele medicine Kids

    Prototype Assembly View.
  11. Security Server

    Client wanted to design a security server –with a computer and two hubs inside them. The product was meant for lab equipment. User friendly in form and for limited batch production.
  12. Communication Educational kit

    Client wanted to design a communication device which has got a receiver and transmitter for explaining the concept of mobile communication. The low volume product was designed in FRP with metal enclosure for the top body for preventing RF signals.
  13. Genset Prototype

    Redefined the complete looks of the Genset and brought it from an industrial rugged looking product to a friendly soft looking product by the looks. Lots of considerations like human factors, looks, engineering processes went in to the design of the Genset.
  14. Farm Kiosk

    Kiosk Prototype made by sheet metal, to meet ergonomic checks, styling and DFM, DFA checks.
  15. Book Shelves

    This project involved design and fabrications.
  16. Airport Trolley

    This project involved design and fabrications.
  17. Airport Trolley

    This project involved design and fabrications.
  18. Airport Trolleys

    Fabricated Trolleys.
  19. Endo Cutter

    The surgical instrument for tissue remover from Human body, The prototype machined by Aluminum. The product developed for Johnson & Johnson. USA
  20. Endo Cutter Prototype Parts

    Endo cutter prototype parts.
  21. FEA

    The objective is to study the compressive strength of pallet over 5 tons loading condition. Also to provide a comparative statements using the materials PVC, PP(ICF), PP (Talc).
  22. FEA

    Comparison results for pallet (PVC, PP(ICF), PP (Talc))
  23. Hour Glass

    MS structure, Live testing ice with water. Top side 4 tons ice and bottom side 2000 Liters water.
  24. Hour Glass

    Green Peace Hour Glass for world global warming awareness project. 6' diameter and 17' height from the floor. This project involved from design, engineering, fabrication up to packing. Made by MS structure, sheet metals and fiber.
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